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Russian Foreign Ministry Blames West for Provoking Ukraine into New Donbass War

Donbass Ukraine map.

  • Russian Foreign Ministry Blames West for Provoking Ukraine into New Donbass War
    Russian diplomats say the non-stop outbursts of violence in Donbass confirm that Ukraine has no intention of honoring the Minsk Accords, and accuse the US and their allies of supporting Kiev’s course towards war.

    As far as the UN presence in Donbass is concerned, it is well known that in September 2017 Russia submitted a draft resolution on the issue to the UN Security Council. However, we still have not received any amendments to this document, in written form. Instead, our European and American partners are promoting the ideas of a military operation of ‘coercing into peace’ and putting an international military-civilian administration in charge of the region before it holds any elections,” reads the ministry’s comment released on Saturday in connection with the planned meeting in the Normandy Four format in Berlin, scheduled for June 11.

    Russian diplomats also noted that the aggravation of the situation in Donbass is clear confirmation of the fact that Kiev has no intention of sticking to the Minsk Agreements. “The recent events demonstrate that the Kiev authorities do not intend to fulfill the Minsk Agreements, that they blatantly distort the logic and sequence of these documents and draw an artificial connection between their readiness to move on along the political track and the full military capitulation of the Donbass republics and their giving up of the control of the border with Russia,” the comment reads.

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