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Bilderberg Group: Elite Club or Secretive World Government?

  • Bilderberg Group: Elite Club or Secretive World Government?
    The Bilderberg Group is holding another of its secrecy-laden meetings. Some see the gathering as a chance for the global elite to hobnob and work out a common policy. Others claim it’s a shadow world government. Daniele Scalea, an analyst from the Machiavelli Center for Political and Strategic Studies, says the truth is somewhere in between.

    Sputnik: Mr. Scalea, what is the Bilderberg Group? Who created it and to what purpose?
    Daniele Scalea:
     The Bilderberg Group is a sort of elite club which meets annually. It was founded in the 1950s, and gathered the representatives of the political, economic and social elite of North America and Europe. The initiative was part of the Atlanticist effort against the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The founder of the group was exiled Polish politician Jozef Retinger, founder of the Council of Europe and the European Movement, acting with the approval of the White House and the patronage of Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. 

    The aim of maintaining the link between the US and Europe was not lost even after the dissolution of the USSR, but gradually the emphasis shifted to promoting ideas of a free market and global governance.

    The Bilderberg Group is a perfect example of a transnational and cosmopolitan elite, which has dictated its rules to politicians and media over the course of many years. Therefore, some conspiracy theorists have exaggerated its role by painting it as a real world government.

    Sputnik: Each year, 120-150 people from various countries meet for the Bilderberg meeting. The meeting’s closed nature and the heavy security measures surrounding them create an aura of mystery. What sorts of characteristics must a person have to be accepted into this club?

    Daniele Scalea:
     They must be a member of the establishment – of the economic, political or cultural elite. Furthermore, their views must be in line with the position of this establishment; i.e., he or she must actively support globalism – the scenario under which the entire world should be united by a single economic and ideological system, as well as a unified structure of administration and control. But there are also members of the club who do not necessarily share these guiding principles.

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The Illuminati Organization Chart. Source:

Illuminati Round Table, Geo-Political Organization Chart


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