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‘Europe Must Buy Our Oil’: Iranian Leader Lays Out Demands for Europe to Keep Nuclear Deal

FILE PHOTO: Oil production platform at the Soroush oil fields in the Persian Gulf, south of Tehran © Raheb Homavandi / Reuters

  • ‘Europe Must Buy Our Oil’: Iranian Leader Lays Out Demands for Europe to Keep Nuclear Deal
    Iran’s Supreme Leader said Europe must make up for any and all adverse effects the US pullout from the nuclear deal might have on its economy and not seek to include its ballistic missile program and regional policy in the deal.

    The list of conditions under which Iran would stay in the nuclear deal was laid out by the country’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei on Wednesday. In a speech before government officials, Khamenei listed a set of demands that France, Britain and Germany must comply with if they don’t want to see Iran restart its nuclear program that was phased out under the 2015 deal.

    While European countries that are party to the landmark agreement have criticized the US exit and vowed to stick to the deal, Khamenei argued that words were not enough and that Europe needs to formally denounce the US’ decision at the UN.

    “During the last two years, the US violated the JCPOA several times, and Europe remained silent. Europe must compensate for that silence,” Khamenei said, calling for Europe to “explicitly stand up to the US sanctions.”

    While saying Iran doesn’t seek a “fight” with Europe, Khamenei noted, “these three countries have proved that, on the most sensitive issues, they follow the US.”

    One of the core demands put forward by the Iranian leader for Europe is that it must ensure that Iran’s ballistic missile program and its actions in the region will not be a part of any future negotiations. Iran’s ballistic missile development has been at the forefront of Washington’s concerns, with the US accusing Iran of violating the spirit of the agreement, while Iran insisted the program is purely defensive.

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