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US Policy: Provocation & War

  • US Policy: Provocation & War
    by Finian Cunningham,
    The United States, as many observers have noted, appears to be undergoing an historic process of “strategic decline”. In order to stave off deterioration in its political and economic power, the US is resorting to greater dependence on militarism and aggression.

    For that to work, a policy of ramping up provocations against other nations is a necessary concomitant. Because militarism and aggression need a pretext of conflict.

    This is the unavoidable conclusion from several international interfaces. The US is resorting to more aggression as a means of asserting its power against perceived global rivals and to shore up its debt-ridden, decrepit capitalist economy.

    Those rivals are explicitly identified by Washington as Russia and China, as well as to a lesser extent Iran, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Syria, North Korea and Venezuela. All are viewed as impediments to American ambitions for global hegemony.

    The violence in Gaza this week by Israeli military can be seen in the context of a wider policy in Washington of provocation. The shooting dead of over 60 unarmed Palestinians in a single day by Israeli snipers and the maiming of thousands of others, including women and children, was arguably a deliberate attempt to incite greater violence across the Middle East.

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