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EU States, Russia, China to Discuss New Iran Deal, Leaving US Sidelined – Report (Covenant of 1 Week?)

  • The alignment of Britain with France and Germany instead of USA is a bad sign for America. It is a break-up of the Anglo-American western Illuminati power. I believe Trump has made a ‘fatal’ mistake.
  • EU States, Russia, China to Discuss New Iran Deal, Leaving US Sidelined – Report
    According to Reuters’ sources, the meeting will solely focus on the implementation issues and details of the Iran nuclear deal.

    Diplomats from Germany, France, Britain, led by senior EU diplomat Helga Schmid, and also from Russia and China, will be meeting in Vienna next week to discuss a new agreement with Iran similar to the 2015 deal, but one that would put curbs on Tehran’s ballistic missile program and the role it plays in the region, Welt am Sonntag reported.

    According to the media outlet, the negotiators hope that an amended deal would help bring the US on board and persuade President Trump to lift the sanctions on Iran. The new agreement may also reportedly provide financial aid to the Islamic Republic.

    The participants are also expected to discuss how to defend against the sanctions Washington is threatening to use against European companies, which continue doing business with Tehran.

    “We have to get away from the name “Vienna Nuclear Agreement” and add a few additional elements — only then will President Trump agree and lift the sanctions,” a top EU diplomat told the newspapaper. US representatives will not be attending the Vienna meeting, though and it remains unclear whether Iranian representatives will take part, the report said.

    However, later in the day, European sources told Reuters that the publication was incorrect as the Vienna meeting will “address the implementation issues and details of the JCPOA” and “not cover any other issues.” There has been neither official confirmation nor denial of the German media report so far.

    The media report comes just days after German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the city of Sochi to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin, with the Iranian nuclear deal being high on the agenda.

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  • Is this coming new Iranian Nuclear Deal: Peace Treaty, Daniel’s ‘Covenant of 1 Week’?  Why do I have my 10 pairs of eyeballs on this JCPOA, Iran nuclear deal? The EU driven by Macron is discussing a revised Iran nuclear deal but without USA participation. The current deal expires in 2025 ie. about 7 years (according to Trump see below). Will the revised deal, which is based on the existing deal, still keep the 2025 expiry? If so, it definitely can coincide with the Biblical Book of Daniel’s prophecy of ‘Covenant of 1 week’ ie. 7 Biblical years. A biblical year is 360 days not 365 days. (Note: JCPOA ‘Termination Day’ is in Oct 2025)
  • The revised deal is quite obviously a PEACE Treaty.

    Iran Sanctions – JCPOA in the Balance
    What are the “Terrible Flaws” That President Trump Sees?
    President Trumps opposes a number of aspects of the JCPOA. One is that the obligations it imposes on Iran relate only to its nuclear programme, but not on its “other malign activities”2 (IRGC funding, cyber aggression, maritime aggression, human rights violations, destabilising activity in the Middle East); a second is that the JCPOA does not consider long-range missile development as part of a nuclear weapons programme; a third is that the JCPOA has an expiry date (on Termination Day, in 2025).
  • JCPOA Treaty details:

    The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) at a Glance
    Timeline for Implementation
    …. October 18, 2015, Adoption Day: 90 days after the passage of the UN Security Council Resolution endorsing the deal (July 20, 2015). Adoption day triggers Iran and the P5+1 to take steps (outlined below) to meet the commitments to fully implement the JCPOA. 
    October 2025, Termination Day: Ten years after adoption day. Termination day terminates Resolution 2231 and the Security Council closes Iran’s nuclear file. 

    Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and restrictive measures
    … Finalisation Day
    The UN Security Council endorsed the JCPOA through Resolution 2231(2015) on 20 July 2015. On 31 July the Council of the EU adopted the legal acts translating the first of these provisions into EU law.
    Adoption Day
    On 18 October, 90 days after UN Security Council resolution 2231 (2015), the JCPOA came into effect. JCPOA participants made the necessary arrangements and preparations for the implementation of their JCPOA commitments.
    UN Security Council resolution Termination Day
    10 years after Adoption Day, if the provisions of previous UN Security Council resolutions have not been reinstated, all remaining UN and EU measures will be terminated.

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