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BBC Admits It Let Spy Agency MI5 Blackball Applicants with Radical Perspectives

  • RT America Published on Apr 24, 2018
    The BBC just admitted that MI5, Britain’s spy agency, vetted their journalists, making sure that no one with a voice deemed dissenting or subversive got to work at news outlet. They’ve been accused of it for years. It was one of those things they call an open secret – like Harvey Weinstein – everybody knew something screwed up was happening, but nothing was ever done about it, and the people at the top denied it. But now, the BBC just allowed their reporter Paul Reynolds to do an expose on their vetting practices, and he confirms that it was actually true all along.

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Why did British Intelligence’s MI5 logo include an occult symbol, ‘the all seeing eye’, Satanic capstone, as part of her 1950’s to 1970’s official insignia? It is the symbol of the Anti-Christ!


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