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Escalating Aggression in Syria. Trump’s Punitive Strike Prelude to Broader War?

WW3 is near?

  • Escalating Aggression in Syria. Trump’s Punitive Strike Prelude to Broader War?
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    Was US-led terror-bombing of Syrian sites overnight Friday, based on a Big Lie, prelude to greater aggression coming – Israel involved along with Washington, Britain, France, and perhaps other rogue nations?

    Mikhail Gorbachev
     fears this possibility, saying US-led bombing of Syrian targets “would lead to nothing good,” adding:

    “I think that nobody needs the attack in the form it is spoken about and with such results. It very much looks like training before you start shooting in earnest.”

    Russia’s passivity in the face of escalated US-led aggression
     risks the worst ahead, including all-out war in Syria, likely spreading regionally and beyond, maybe going global, possible nuclear war.

    Iran is a prime target. Longtime US/Israeli strategy aims to replace its sovereign independence with pro-Western puppet governance – the key regional goal of both countries. On Saturday, an incident occurred at an alleged Iranian weapons depot in Mount Azzan near Aleppo. One or more explosions were reported by Western, Israeli and other regional media.

    Syrian media said the site was bombed by an Israeli warplane. Hezbollah-connected media denied it, saying an explosion occurred inside the depot or unrelated to an airstrike. Some sources reported around 20 dead or wounded – no confirmation from official sources about the incident, occurring 24 hours after US-led aggression, targeting multiple Syrian sites.

    Nor have separate reports of aerial attacks on Syrian government targets in Deir Ezzor been confirmed. Government forces are battling US-supported terrorists in the area.

    On Saturday, Mike Pence warned of a greater “price to pay” ahead
    , saying Trump “made clear (he’s) prepared to sustain this effort…if chemicals weapons are used again against men, women and children.” No evidence proves Syrian forces ever used them. Trained by Pentagon contractors in their use, US-supported terrorists resort to this terror tactic often.

    Another CW false flag like Douma is likely coming – probably followed by greater US-led aggression than occurred overnight Friday. Russian passivity risks making a bad situation far worse. Diplomacy as a way to contest US-led aggression is a failed strategy – shooting blanks against a ruthless adversary, willing to do whatever it takes to achieve its objectives no matter how many times before it failed.

    Endless US wars in multiple theaters prove this reality.

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