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CIA, Riyadh Behind Lies on Douma Chemical Attack – Turkish Former Deputy PM

  • I smell British Intelligence MI6 too.
  • CIA, Riyadh Behind Lies on Douma Chemical Attack – Turkish Former Deputy PM
    Commenting on the latest developments in Syria in an interview with Sputnik, the former Turkish Deputy Prime Minister specifically mentioned the US and Saudi Arabia, which he claimed are involved in a regional game amid accusations against Damascus over its alleged use of chemical weapons.

    “Now that the situation in Syria has finally begun to shift to stability, we have faced completely illogical charges against the Syrian authorities about the use of chemical weapons in Eastern Ghouta,” former Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Abdullatif Sener said.

    Describing such accusations as “ridiculous” and “stupid”, Sener stressed that the intelligence services of Saudi Arabia and the United States are currently involved in a sort of game in the region.

    He recalled that as a result of negotiations with the militants stationed in Eastern Ghouta, the Syrian Army had managed to secure control over 90 percent of the district’s territory. “With this in mind and against the backdrop of an agreement on the evacuation of the Jaysh al-Islam* militant group from Ghouta  reached by means of cooperation between the CIA and intelligence services of Saudi Arabia, there was no logic in the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government, ” Sener underscored.

    He pointed out that the scenario with chemical weapons cannot be considered separately from the links Jaysh al-Islam has with Saudi Arabia and the CIA.

    “Consequently, the United States is involved in this provocation,” Sener said. He suggested that Washington “has resorted to this provocation with chemical weapons in order to stay on in Syria.”

    Condemned by Russian President Vladimir Putin as an ‘act of aggression’ against a sovereign state, the strike was launched in the early hours of Saturday, when at least 103 missiles were launched by US warships at Syria’s civilian and military targets, with support from UK and French fighter jets.

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