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US Pacific Command Admiral Ready for War with China, But Hopes It Won’t Happen

US-Pentagram message to China from the USS Stennis armada in the South China Sea: “Stop militarizing the South China Sea. Stop your military activities in the South China Sea. You are destabilizing Asia!” – Ironic propaganda!
USS Stennis Aircraft Carrier.

  • US Pacific Command Admiral Ready for War with China, But Hopes It Won’t Happen
    The next US ambassador to Australia and the current Pacific Command (PACOM) Admiral Harry Harris addressed Congress with a hardline proposal to deter China’s growing influence in the Asia-Pacific region.

    In his speech, Harris commended regional non-NATO ally Australia for its role as a hub for PACOM’s military prowess in the Pacific Ocean. “Australia is one of the keys to a rules-based international order,” he asserted, signalling that the country would play an increasing part in America’s new doctrine.

    “China’s ongoing military buildup, advancement, and modernization are core elements of their strategy to supplant the U.S. as the security partner of choice for countries in the Indo-Pacific, but China also holds clear global ambitions,” Harris continued.

    “At the end of the day the ability to wage war is important or you become a paper tiger. [We will] cooperate where we can, but remain ready to confront where we must,”
     he remarked. “I’m hopeful that it won’t come to a conflict with China, but we must all be prepared for that if it should come to that.”

    However, Harris’ rhetoric may not be so well-received, as Canberra’s interests remain intrinsically linked to the Chinese.

    “[We] have a staunch, strong ally in Washington, a good friend in Washington, and we have a very good friend in Beijing,”
     Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull stated in a joint press conference with his Chinese counterpart back in March last year.

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