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The Financial Market Mess, Revaluation of Price of Gold, Global Reset — Q&A with Eric Griffin and Lynette Zang

  • ITM Trading Streamed live 10 hours ago
    Eric Griffin takes your top questions to ITM Trading’s Chief Market Analyst Lynette Zang. Questions:…

    Viewer Submitted Questions:
    Question 1. Silver Birddog: I have a question about median home value in 1920 vs median home value today. When the price is divided by ounces of gold, they are both roughly 239 ounces. Could you get The Queen to opine on that?

    Question 2. Francisco: I do believe gold is a good store of value, but I also know is vulnerable to government grabs. The government has forced people to hand over their metals at a price set by the government before, so they can do it again. One can’t ignore history unless you want to repeat it. What are your thoughts on that?

    Question 3. John B: do you think the bond market will crash along with the stock market?
    Question 4. Arnold Z: What happens when the quadrillion in derivatives blow up?
    Question 5. Rich: in light of a money reset in the US, why would holding a well-run precious metals mining company, be devalued?
    Question 6. Barry S: After looking over your slides and I watch your presentation of ” The Market is in Trouble” you show where the banks are not lending to each other as they used to. First is this a function of the Fed that stopped it? or is this a function of the interest rates that too much is at risk to lend out their funds?

    Question 7. Laura P: Would somebody please ask Lynette to include an explanation of what ‘running the stops’ means in terms of the ‘holy shit’ day the market just had.


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