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India: Pakistan Will Pay for Border Attack

  • PressTV Published on Feb 12, 2018
    Tension is rising once again between India and Pakistan. New Delhi is warning that Islamabad will pay a price for the death of several people along their border. The warning comes after nine people including five soldiers were shot dead by militants in an attack on an Indian army camp in the disputed region of Kashmir. India’s Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has accused Pakistan of supporting what she described as terrorists who came from the other side of the border. Sitha-raman added that Pakistan is expanding acts of terror and violates the ceasefire along the border. Pakistan earlier warned its neighbor against any cross-border strikes. Islamabad also rejected accusations by New Delhi, saying it’s irresponsible to blame others before any investigation is launched.

  • World War 3: India issues ‘HIGH ALERT’ after ‘Pakistan military attack’ kills at least six
    INDIA has issued a “high alert” after an army base in the Jammu region was stormed by armed militants that killed at least five soldiers and a civilian during a period of high tensions between the two nations, it has emerged.

    New Delhi declared that the Pakistani military group Jaish-e-Muhammad carried out the horrific attack on the base home to over 3,500 troops. Shiv Dev Singh Jamwal, the police chief for Jammu, announced the high alert in the region. He declared: “A high alert has been sounded in Jammu, and security beefed up in and around the city.” Schools and shopping areas have been closed in a desperate effort to protect people from further attacks.

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