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SUPERHUMANS: Chips Inserted in Brains Will Give Us MIND-BLOWING Abilities Within Years

  • SUPERHUMANS: Chips inserted in brains will give us MIND-BLOWING abilities within years
    SUPER HUMANS could exist in just 15 years thanks to a computer chip inserted into the brain to unlock the mankind’s full potential.

    People will be able to buy new memories and delete unwanted ones in the near future as experts believe they are close to biohacking the body’s most powerful tool, according to a leading technology entrepreneur.

    Speaking at Lisbon’s Web Summit, Bryan Johnson, the founder of Kernel – a start-up researching the possibilities of microchips being inserted on the brain – says unlocking the true potential of the mind is the “single greatest thing” humanity can achieve. Kernel’s first step is to design chips that can help fight disease, but then it hopes to evolve the brain to offer superhuman abilities.

    The firm’s website reads: “To further explore our own human boundaries, a wave of new technologies needs to emerge that can access, read, and write from the most powerful tool we have — the human brain.

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Microchipping with RFID ‘666’ will effectively implement this mind control. Click on image for article.


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  1. The antichrist will operate by way of seduction, by making these satanic devices look cool and trendy.

    Only once the masses will have been thoroughly seduced, and the wise minority has been demonized, stage two will be launched: the method of coercion and compulsion.

    Think about it: How many people refuse to have a cell-phone, knowing that it’s an NSA-spy-tool undermining their privacy?

    They know well how to combine the useful with the diabolical.

    Especially when you suspect being a victim of gangstalking, it would be wise to reject the cell-phone, being used to locate you.

    All true Christians are potential victims of gangstalking in this satanic world.

    If you’re not being targeted, then something must be wrong with your faith, or you’re just pitifully unaware of it.

    You may believe being too unimportant for getting targeted, but Satan knows better how important you may be.

    One human being may make all the difference.

    Comment by saratoga777 | November 15, 2017

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