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Hungary PM Viktor Orban BLASTS “Soros Plan” to Bring Extremists into Europe and Destroy Christianity

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Business magnate George Soros © Reuters

  • Hungary PM Viktor Orban BLASTS “Soros Plan” to Bring Extremists into Europe and Destroy Christianity
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    George Soros is using mass immigration to destroy Europe’s “cultural and ethnic identity”

    Hungary’s Prime Minister continues to take the fight to globalist billionaire George Soros. Viktor Orbán told an international conference on the persecution of Christians taking place in Budapest…

    “To us, Europe is a Christian continent and we would like to keep it that way, and although we may not be able to preserve all of it, we would at least like to save the little slice of it that the Good Lord entrusted to the Hungarians.”

    “A group of Europe’s intellectual and political leaders want to create a mixed society that would completely change the continent’s cultural and ethnic identity, and Christian nature, within just a few generations.”

    Orban noted that Hungary is offering much needed help to persecuted Christians in the Middle East and Africa, contrasting this with EU policy which he stated was following the “Soros plan” to bring extremists into Europe. The Gateway Pundit reports…

    Whilst Hungary sought to offer aide at source, working directly with churches and providing assistance on the ground, the EU was ‘’bringing trouble over here”, he warned, in the form of Islamic extremism.

    “Hungary, however, is doing the opposite of what Europe is currently doing.
     We are doing what we must do according to local Christian leaders…We are providing assistance to enable people to move back to their homes’’, he explained, detailing Hungarian government projects aimed specifically at the prevention of persecution against Christians.

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