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‘EU Won’t Be Around for Long’ Liam Fox Claims Continent Will OVERTHROW European Superstate

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  • ‘EU Won’t Be Around for Long’ Liam Fox Claims Continent Will OVERTHROW European Superstate
    LIAM Fox has hit out at the EU’s push to create a “United States of Europe”, claiming citizens on the continent will turn away from the bloc if it follows the vision of President Jean Claude Juncker.

    In a heated debate with Newsnight host Evan Davis, Dr Fox defended the nation’s decision to leave following Jean Claude Juncker’s call for an even more unified EU. His comments came as Mr Davis hit out at the Secretary for International Trade for his “optimism” over securing a deal with the EU and striking trade agreements across the world.

    Discussing the EU, Mr Davis said: “Every answer is you hoping they will fall into line with your view rather than stick to the line that they’ve been taking. “That’s optimism – and maybe they will, but maybe they won’t.”

    Dr Fox replied: “And maybe elected governments who don’t take the prosperity of their own people into account or who drive a political agenda in a direction their people don’t want may not be the governments for all that very long. “Many people in this country, including many Remainers, will have listened to what Mr Juncker said the other week, which is ‘we do want ever closer union, we do want a single President, a single European army and a single economic policy’.

    “I certainly feel totally validated in voting to leave after hearing that speech, I think many Remainers may question their decision too.”

    The Brussels boss raised eyebrows in September with a series of eye-catching initiatives and an openly federalist agenda, jettisoning much of the caution seen in previous years.

    Mr Juncker spoke at length about trade, the eurozone, migration, defence and foreign policy and the single market, on each occasion advocating more Europe as the answer. He also called for the union to have one President to rule over the continent through the supra-governmental agency. Mr Juncker told the European Parliament in Strasbourg: “Europe would function better if we were to merge the presidents of the European Commission and the European Council. “Europe would be easier to understand if one captain was steering the ship.”

    Tory MEPs said the powerful Commission chief was on the march “towards a United States of Europe” under which there will be “no tolerance for deviation from EU rule”.

    They warned the ambitious raft of proposals contained in Mr Juncker’s landmark State of the Union speech would, if implemented, bring about the death of national democracy in Europe.

    Member states have since baulked at some of the more radical plans, including the abolition of the role of EU Council president – the most senior eurocrat representing individual countries’ concerns. And Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte immediately dismissed the Brussels boss as a “romantic”, suggesting that much of his controversial and highly federalist agenda will never come to pass.

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