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Macron to Press Ahead with Speech Outlining Vision to Rebuild EU

Macron said he wanted to rule as a ‘Jupiter’, above the political fray. Photograph: Charles Platiau/Reuters

  • Political theatre for sheeple consumption. The sheeple don’t get to decide the organization of Europe. It is just a persistent illusion they are under. A 10 nation federation: United States of Europe, has already been agreed and has been implemented behind the scenes. Emphasis mine:
  • Macron to Press Ahead with Speech Outlining Vision to Rebuild EU
    by  in Paris,
    French president will not be distracted from plans for deeper integration by tricky new coalition government in Germany.

    The French president, Emmanuel Macron, is to press ahead with a major speech setting out plans to “rebuild” the EU, despite fears that a new coalition government in Berlin could limit his ambitions.

    The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, who in recent months had cautiously warmed to Macron’s proposed radical overhaul of the eurozone, won a fourth term in office this weekend. But she faces difficult coalition talks with smaller parties in the face of opposition from the emboldened far-right, anti-Europe Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party.

    The prospect of Merkel sharing power in a coalition with the pro-business Free Democratic party could create problems for Macron’s plans for deeper integration of the eurozone with a shared budget and finance minister.

    Christian Lindner, the FDP leader, remains fiercely critical of Macron’s ideas for eurozone governance, and hours after the election result said he would put the brakes on with “red lines” against Macron’s plans for a single eurozone budget.

    Lindner sought to hammer home German taxpayers’ fears that a more integrated eurozone with its own budget meant Germany being made to pay for bills left unpaid in other states, naming France and Italy. “For us, it’s unimaginable,” he said.

    The Greens, the other potential German coalition partner with Merkel, are in principle closer to some of Macron’s views. But with the FDP as a partner and the AfD pushing back loudly in parliament, the prospect of Merkel selling deeper European integration to her coalition and the wider public looks far more challenging.

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