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Why NATO Chief Maintains ‘There-Could-Be-Only-One’ Stance on Calls for EU Army

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  • Why NATO Chief Maintains ‘There-Could-Be-Only-One’ Stance on Calls for EU Army
    NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has again cautioned against the creation of a European army, also admitting that Europe cannot do without NATO, the US and Britain. Why does he repeat this warning like a mantra time after time?

    Speaking to Sputnik, Czech military expert Ivan Kratochvil said that “the creation of the EU army with the aim of ensuring the territorial integrity and inviolability of EU countries unequivocally threatens the US interests in Europe.”

    He drew attention to the fact that Stoltenberg’s remarks came ahead of an informal meeting of the defense and foreign ministers of EU countries which was held in the Estonian capital Tallinn earlier this week.

    Kratochvil pointed to Stoltenberg stressing that NATO remains committed to protecting the EU and that both organizations should complement each other rather than compete.

    “He wants more European forces, more modern capabilities and more defense spending. Also, Stoltenberg wants to avoid differences and such duplication as the creation of the European command or the European army as well as the rhetoric that Europe could do without NATO,” Kratochvil said.

    According to him, the NATO Secretary General has repeatedly warned against creating the European army because “the alliance provides US dominance in Europe.”

    “This is a forceful instrument of US influence on its allies and the countries neighboring with NATO members. From the point of view of geopolitics, Russia is the first and most serious enemy of NATO,” Kratochvil pointed out.

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