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‘Brains Linked to Computers Will Kill Our Inner Freedom’ – Zizek to RT on Bio-hacking & Identity Loss

  • The new generation of RFID ‘666’ microchips have already been manufactured. It implements mind control technology. Ie. those who are microchipped with RFID ‘666’ will no longer have the freewill to believe in Jesus Christ, the Blessed Son of God.
  • ‘Brains Linked to Computers Will Kill Our Inner Freedom’ – Zizek to RT on Bio-hacking & Identity Loss
    Humans are losing their freedoms, self-identity and free will, Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek has told RT, noting that a recent biohacking experiment by a team from the University of Washington is just another sign of the dawn of a post human era.

    A team of scientists from the University of Washington successfully managed to hack into a computer using custom synthesized strands of DNA.

    In their study, which is to be presented at 2017 USENIX Security Symposium Thursday, researchers said that it is potentially possible for a molecular code to take over machinery by exploiting weaknesses of gene sequencing software.

    “We designed and created a synthetic DNA strand that contained malicious computer code encoded in the bases of the DNA strand,”
     researchers from the Paul G Allen school of computer science and engineering at the University of Washington said ahead of their presentation.

    “When this physical strand was sequenced and processed by the vulnerable program it gave remote control of the computer doing the processing. That is, we were able to remotely exploit and gain full control over a computer using adversarial synthetic DNA.”

    While the researchers led by Tadayoshi Kohno and Luis Ceze admit that at this point, the threat is only theoretical, Zizek noted the sinister side of this experiment.

    “The fact that is what possible to break into, to hack a computer through a DNA, means that our identity, determined by DNA is nothing more than just another computer formula,”
     Zizek said.

    “Our life, human life, our identity is reduced to a series of formulas. So we are effectively entering some kind of post human universe where everything, our inner most identity can be reduced to a formula.”

    “I would not be afraid of this [particular experiment], that’s not necessarily a bad thing,”
     Zizek said, emphasizing that there are a lot of much more disturbing scientific achievements

    “What I’m afraid of is a possibility of a direct contact-link between our brain, what we are thinking, and a computer network, because there we lose our autonomy.”

    He warned that soon computers will be able to control the human mind, misleading the individual to believe they are still in control of their thoughts and reality. Under this arrangement, Zizek argues, humans will lose their autonomy and will become indistinguishable from the machines.

    “What is much more dangerous is… if our brains will be directly linked to computers so we will lose our inner freedom. Even in the worst of Nazism… those in power could not control what you are thinking. You can have your inner thoughts… Now with a direct link between our brain and the digital network, we lose our inner freedom,”
     the philosopher said.

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  • “Can a microscopic tag be implanted in a person’s body to track his every movement? There’s actual discussion about that. You will rule on that — mark my words — before your tenure is over. Can brain scans be used to determine whether a person’s inclined toward criminality or violent behaviour? You will rule on that.”Senator Joe Biden(33rd degree Freemason?), 12 September 2005 John Roberts Chief Justice Confirmation Hearing

“What he (Black project scientist) told me was: Tell people, if they say NO to one thing say NO to the (RFID) microchip! … It is not (just electronic tagging ie. identification)! The main thrust, the main reason for (RFID) microchipping is not the message that is going from the chip to the computer. It is the message that is coming the other way! And he said that through this process … they can manipulate them (microchipped persons) mentally, emotionally and physically from a distance through the chip. That’s the idea!” David Icke from 1hr 30.40 onwards


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