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‘We’re at Tipping Point’ Italian MEP Warns Migrant Crisis Bringing EU to Brink of Collapse

  • ‘We’re at Tipping Point’ Italian MEP Warns Migrant Crisis Bringing EU to Brink of Collapse
    A SENIOR Italian politician has warned that the European Union is once again hurtling towards the brink of collapse because of the renewed migration crisis and Brussels’ failure to effectively manage it.

    In a hard-hitting plea socialist leader Gianni Pittella called on EU leaders to start taking the situation in his home country more seriously or it could grow to threaten the whole future of the bloc. He said Eastern European countries’ point blank refusal to take in refugees under the club’s quota scheme was “unacceptable” and backed calls to strip them of their Brussels funding.

    And the Italian MEP, president of the Socialist and Democrat grouping in the EU parliament, warned that unless the migration issue is sorted it will simply “harden divisions” and rip the bloc apart.

    The EU has been grown into chaos by the recent upsurge in arrivals to Italy, which has exposed stark differences within the different member states over how to deal with mass migration. Eastern European countries like Hungary and Poland have predictably refused to take in any asylum seekers, but Rome has been alarmed at the extent to which it has also been abandoned to its fate by key players like France and Germany.

    With newly elected Emmanuel Macron keen to strike a tough tone on migration as he looks to win over supporters of Marine Le Pen, and Angela Merkel facing her own election battle in September, little help has been on offer. 

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