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Trump Threatens China with New Trade War, Beijing Appears Unmoved

  • Trump Threatens China with New Trade War, Beijing Appears Unmoved
    Amid expectations of the US launching investigations into China’s alleged theft of American intellectual property as well as unfair trade practices, Beijing appears unmoved by the imminent probe while US businesses fear reprisals in case the row unintentionally escalates.

    Washington is expected to soon announce investigations into how China tackles copyright protection, protectionism and market access. President Donald Trump reportedly intents to use a provision in the Trade Act of 1974, which would allow him to slap tariffs and other barriers on Chinese products while circumventing the World Trade Organization (WTO) mechanisms for redressing grievances.

    A White House announcement of the measures was expected Friday but has been postponed.

    US ‘bullying tactics’
    The Chinese reaction to the anticipated investigations was calm. Beijing’s commerce ministry said Thursday that China was willing to work with the US to settle their differences, saying trade benefited both parties.

    “The China-US trade relationship is… mutually beneficial. Cooperation would benefit both sides and fighting would hurt both,”
     ministry spokesman Gao Feng told journalists.

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