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Rob Kirby: Economic Collapse, Currency Devaluation, Gold, Silver …

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  • Rob Kirby: Economic Collapse, Currency Devaluation, Gold, Silver …
    by Turd Ferguson,
    What great timing to have Rob Kirby back for an A2A webinar. Rob’s vast experience provides a unique perspective on the failure of The Generally Accepted Narrative for 2017 as well as some wisdom on where we are headed from here. Among the topics discussed today:

    * Rob’s thoughts on how The Fed was able to institute ZIRP and why rates remain historically low.
    * Why the POSX is falling so rapidly in 2017.
    * What message could be gleaned from Terry Duffy’s appearance on FBN two weeks ago.
    * Why Rob prefers physical gold and silver to owning the mining shares.
    * And much, much more!

    This was an incredibly informative presentation and we should all be grateful that Rob so generously shared his time today. Please try to carve out some time to give this podcast a thorough listen.


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