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Can Emmanuel Macron’s Big Gamble to Save the EU Really Pay Off?

Macron said he wanted to rule as a ‘Jupiter’, above the political fray. Photograph: Charles Platiau/Reuters

  • Can Emmanuel Macron’s Big Gamble to Save the EU Really Pay Off?
    by ,, 4 Aug 2017
    French president Emmanuel Macron has promised to launch a series of “democratic conventions” to allow citizens across Europe a say on the EU’s future. His idea is an important element of plans to revive the EU’s fortunes at a difficult time.

    Macron has suggested that national governments organise conventions in the form of national debates to discuss the EU’s future priorities and suggest ways to “relaunch” the union. He envisages the conventions running for between six and ten months, beginning towards the end of 2017. Governments will report back to the EU from their respective national conventions and member states will then work their conclusions into a five-year EU reform plan.

    It remains to be seen how many member states will sign up to Macron’s initiative and what precise form the “conventions” will take, but for now the idea seems to be gaining momentum. Amongst others, German chancellor Angela Markel has indicated her broad support.

    Macron’s idea is interesting and potentially very important. It resonates with recent heated debates about democratising Brussels. Many believe a more participative process could help the EU grapple with multiple problems, not least its legitimacy crisis.

    The conventions are the practical proposal that, to date, has most seriously taken on board these calls. However, promising to hold public consultations is a high-risk strategy. It will raise expectations among EU citizens. The worst outcome would be for governments to hold the conventions and then not to take on board the suggestions and concerns that emerge from the deliberations.

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