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RFID Micro Chipped Wisconsin Company Praised By Leftist Media

  • Published on Jul 31, 2017
    How long before one of the female employees has a pregnancy terminated or employees are remotely vaccinated In order to test eugenisist Bill Gates goals?BBC reports ” A contraceptive computer chip that can be controlled by remote control has been developed in Massachusetts. The chip is implanted under a woman’s skin, releasing a small dose of levonorgestrel, a hormone.

    This will happen every day for 16 years, but can be stopped at any time by using a wireless remote control. The project has been backed by Bill Gates, and will be submitted for pre-clinical testing in the US next year – and possibly go on sale by 2018. The same technology could be used to administer other drugs.The innovation comes at a time when governments and organisations around the world have agreed to try to bring family planning to around 120 million more women by 2020.”

    But these fools would have us all think that they have traded in their individual humanity for convenience. USA TODAY reports “We foresee the use of RFID technology to drive everything from making purchases in our office break room market, opening doors, use of copy machines, logging into our office computers, unlocking phones, sharing business cards, storing medical/health information, and used as payment at other RFID terminals,” CEO Todd Westby said in a company statement. “Eventually, this technology will become standardized allowing you to use this as your passport, public transit, all purchasing opportunities, etc.”

    And while microchipping employees may sound like something out of a horror film, the company is partnering with Swedish company BioHax International, which already has many “chipped” employees. Yeah Wisconsin, take it from socialist refugee rape replacement migration doormat of the west…. Sweden. This is a great decision.

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