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Franco-German Alliance RISING: Merkron Plot ‘BIGGEST Armament Plan Imaginable’ in Europe

  • Franco-German Alliance RISING: Merkron Plot ‘BIGGEST Armament Plan Imaginable’ in Europe
    THE rebirth of the Franco-German power base has been cemented as it was revealed France and Germany will together build a next generation fighter dubbed “the biggest armament project imaginable in Europe”.

    The shock announcement of a joint defence programme between Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron marks the shifting of tectonic plates of power within the bloc, with the two countries re-emerging as the driving force of the European Union (EU).

    The move has been described as “a twofold rejection: of the US and the United Kingdom” as Germany and France attempt to reassert their authority over Britain in the wake of Brexit.

    A report by the the German Council on Foreign Relations said the programme to build the aircraft, which would succeed the Dassault Rafale and Eurofighter Typhoon, signals a “truly autonomous defence industry in Europe”. 

    It reads: “It asserts Franco-German leadership in the EU and underlines the willingness of both countries to make progress in European defence. “Germany and France are preserving the chance of building a truly autonomous defence industry in Europe, which would otherwise depend increasingly on US arms. European autonomy is thus getting one step closer.

    “With this decision, Macron and Merkel underline that they consider themselves pioneers by initiating a step change. “By announcing the joint fighter jet project, they have given a European defence policy, which so far consisted of loose declarations of intent, tangible (industrial) credibility. “And they are offering a concrete project that others can join. After getting this off the ground, Berlin and Paris can rightfully expect that other countries shake up their national restraints and either participate or even Europeanise their own projects.” 

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