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“I Can Vouch for Andrew Maguire”: SIGNIFICANT Influx of Physical Gold Orders Imminent?

  • Published on Jul 7, 2017… 
    Gold & Silver Analyst Craig Hemke Joins Us to Break Down the Action in the Gold & Silver Markets & Andrew Maguire’s Big Prediction:

    * Is the Paper Gold Derivatives Game About to COLLAPSE?
    * ” I Can Vouch for Andrew Maguire” – Is the Paper Gold Derivatives Game About to Collapse?
    * Hemke Explains Why Andrew Maguire Believes, There Will Be SIGNIFICANT Problems For the Banks in Terms of Physical Metal Demand in the Weeks Ahead
    * Maguire Believes A HUGE Influx of Physical Gold Orders is Coming
    * A Capitulation of Sentiment: “What Happened Last Year Broke Everyone’s Backs”


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