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Saudi Arabia V Qatar Conflict May Trigger ‘Mother of All Wars’ – World War 3 Threat Issued

  • Saudi Arabia V Qatar Conflict May Trigger ‘Mother of All Wars’ – World War 3 Threat Issued
    by ALETHA ADU,
    QATAR’S swiftly shrinking relations with its Gulf neighbours could result in World War 3, a think-tank has claimed.

    The Gefira foundation said the rivalry, if left unsolved, could result in a “mother of all wars” exploding within the Middle East. Using World War One and Two as examples, the research group claimed large-scale conflicts are usually triggered by a “single event”. But the nature of the rivalry and strife for power and influence in the Gulf region could also lead to “such disastrous consequences”.

    Evoking Cold War associations, the research foundation said the “game of alliances” began when the Saudi-led group stuck off diplomatic ties with Qatar. Gefira continued: “Qatar having lost the protection of the Arab world” has sought ties with Turkey. While Iran, Iraq and Syria “stand on the sidelines and watch the developments.” Published yesterday, the blog post reduces Saudi Arabia’s claims against Qatar as nothing more than an attempt to “assert dominance” over their neighbours.

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