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CNN’s Russia Bullsh*t Starts to Unravel

  • CNN’s Russia Bullsh*t Starts to Unravel
    by Bryan MacDonald,
    First CNN lost three key staff members after it published, and then pulled, a smear piece on a Trump associate. Then the channel suffered the ignominy of an insider betraying the motives behind its obsession with everything Russian.

    This week, America’s original rolling news outlet finally received some payback for its obnoxious anti-Russia hysteria. A loathsome, nasty, rotten, sleazy and sordid campaign that has frequently bordered on the racist.

    Even better, thanks to the unwitting testimony of a senior producer at the network, we purportedly know the channel’s agenda. Apparently, it’s not political conviction nor the search for truth or anything remotely ethical. No, this has nothing to do with principles, righteousness or the search for the whole story. Instead, it’s about one thing: ratings. Because, in the world of commercial cable news, viewing figures ultimately convert to dollars. Meaning this delirious mania has been about one thing and one thing only: filthy lucre. And lots of it.

    On Tuesday, the team at Project Veritas – a right-wing, pro-Donald Trump media observatory – published a sting video showing CNN staffer John Bonifield making a series of admissions. The producer was loose-tongued and evidently miffed at how the network’s president, Jeff Zucker, had canned his pieces to focus on Russia.

    Caught unaware
    “It’s mostly bullsh*t right now (the notion of Trump-Russia collusion). Like, we don’t have any big giant proof,” Bonifield revealed to the reporter secretly filming him.

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