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U.S. on Collision Course with Syria and Iran Once De Facto Islamic State Capital Falls (& WW3 with Russia)

  • Has Syria attacked America? NO! Has Syria threatened American interests? NO! Was America invited into Syria? NO! Is America supporting terrorists to attack Syria? YES! What America is doing in Syria is clearly a violation of international law.
  • The job of the Illuminist western MSM is to sell WAR! Keep this in mind: when you read this Washington Post article. (Note: America is risking a WW3 with Russia over Syria.)
  • U.S. on Collision Course with Syria and Iran Once De Facto Islamic State Capital Falls
    by Karen DeYoung and Greg Jaffe,
    Trump administration officials, anticipating the defeat of the Islamic State in its de facto Syrian capital of Raqqa, are planning for what they see as the next stage of the war, a complex fight that will bring them into direct conflict with Syrian government and Iranian forces contesting control of a vast desert stretch in the eastern part of the country.

    To some extent, that clash has already begun. Unprecedented recent U.S. strikes against regime and Iranian-backed militia forces have been intended as warnings to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Tehran that they will not be allowed to confront or impede the Americans and their local proxy forces.

    As regime and militia forces have begun advancing eastward, senior White House officials have been pushing the Pentagon to establish outposts in the desert region. The goal would be to prevent a Syrian or Iranian military presence that would interfere with the U.S. military’s ability to break the Islamic State’s hold on the Euphrates River valley south of Raqqa and into Iraq — a sparsely populated area where the militants could regroup and continue to plan terrorist operations against the West.

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