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“Global Order” Is An Euphemism for Washington’s Hegemony

  • “Global Order” Is An Euphemism for Washington’s Hegemony
    by Paul Craig Roberts,
    Colonel Andrew Bacevich, a professor at Boston University, served in Vietnam. His son was killed serving in Afghanistan. He comes from a military family. I know him. He is among the best that our country has produced.

    As has occurred before, he has saved me from having to write an article by writing it himself. And he has written it better.

    Bacevich points out that the orchestrated attack on President Trump is based on the assumption that President Trump has launched an attack on the open, liberal, enlightened, rule of law, and democratic order that Washington has established. This liberal world order of goodness is threatened by a Trump-Putin Conspiracy.

    Bacevich, a rare honest American, says this that this characterization of America is a bullshit myth. For example, the orchastrated image of America as the great upholder of truth, justice, democracy, and human rights conveniently overlooks Washington’s “meddling in foreign elections; coups and assassination plots in Iran [Washington’s 1953 overthrow of the first elected Iranian government], Guatemala, the Congo, Cuba, South Vietnam, Chile, Nicaragua, and elsewhere; indiscriminate aerial bombing campaigns in North Korea and throughout Southeast Asia; a nuclear arms race bringing the world to the brink of Armageddon; support for corrupt, authoritarian regimes in Iran [the Shah], Turkey, Greece, South Korea, South Vietnam, the Philippines, Brazil, Egypt, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and elsewhere—many of them abandoned when deemed inconvenient; the shielding of illegal activities through the use of the Security Council veto; unlawful wars launched under false pretenses; ‘extraordinary rendition,’ torture, and the indefinite imprisonment of persons without any semblance of due process [the evisceration of the US Constitution].”  

    In other words, Washington is the opposite of how it orchestrates its portrait. There is no such thing as “liberal internationalism.” All “liberal internationalism” means is American hegemony over the idiot countries that participate in “liberal internationalism.”

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