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NATO Holds Defense Drill Simulating Russian Invasion Of Baltics

  • NATO Holds Defense Drill Simulating Russian Invasion Of Baltics
    by Tyler Durden,
    NATO officials are growing increasingly nervous about the possibility of an invasion of the Baltic states ahead of Russian wargames planned this fall on the border of Belarus and Poland that could involve as many as 100,000 troops. That “anxiety” was on display this week, when US and British troops carried out the first NATO military exercise that involved a simulated defense of the Suwalki Gap, an area in northern Poland on the border with Lithuania that serves as the gateway to the Baltic region.

    In other words, a drill against a Russian invasion of the Baltics states, and by extension, Europe. NATO officials described the area as a “choke point” that, if it were taken by an invading force, could potentially isolate the Baltic states from their NATO allies, according to Reuters.

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