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Is the CIA using ISIS in Marawi to topple Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte?

  • Is the CIA using ISIS in Marawi to topple Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte?
    “The Deep State is attacking the Philippines and they are using ISIS to do the deed. The goal is destabilize the Duterte’s rule in the Philippines. Why? Because after meeting with President Trump, Duterte promptly returned home, prosecuted 3,000 online child sex traffickers. He later found that the Deep State has positioned ISIS to destabilize the Philippines with the goal of regime change. ISIS is actually an occupying terrorist inside the Philippines.”[1]
    TMR Editor’s Note 

    The Philippine pivot away from the USA and toward Russia and China will not be tolerated under any circumstances by Deep State.  The critical geostrategic location of the Philippines within the Asian side of the Pacific Rim is much to important for the Anglo-American Axis to lose.

    With this understanding, the MSM article posted below can be interpreted as a status report on the CIA-coordinated hostilities being conducted on the southern island of Mindanao. This very same strategy was utilized by the C.I.A. in Chechnya in an attempt to preoccupy Russia on their southern border with purposefully engineered ‘Islamic’ militarism.  In the instant case, the city of Marawi is being used to stage state-sponsored terrorism (predominantly the U.S. government) as a launch-pad to conquer the rest of Mindanao.  The very same strategy was used in Syria whereby ISIS and Al-Nusra were used by the C.I.A. to take over the outlying cities.

    The battle-hardened jihadis, who are often transported from other war zones throughout the world, are not really Muslims; rather, they are trained as professional terrorists in the ‘madrassas’ in Pakistan which are funded by Saudi Arabia.  The Salafis of Wahhabism, which originated in Saudi Arabia as a violent splinter group of an ultra-fundamentalist Sunni sect, fanatically fight for ‘jihad’ for whoever pays them the most. This is why there are so many Wahhabi terrorist groups involved in the Syrian War; the mercenaries are always switching their allegiances to the highest paymaster.

    Just like the fake civil war in Syria, these Wahhabi fighters have been flown in, shipped in and bussed into the Philippines to man a U.S.-manufactured insurgency.  In this way the C.I.A. will attempt to overthrow Duterte, just as they are trying to militarily remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

    The Millennium Report 

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  • Did Syria attack America or threaten American interests? Clearly NO! So why is America supporting terrorists to overthrow Assad? The people behind this are Illuminist-Satanists.

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“For years we have been supplying anti-tank missiles and all sorts of weapons to the terrorists, to Al Nusra, sometimes to ISIS.. the entire array … Jaysh al-Islam …”
– Quote Senator Richard Black from 1:01 onwards

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