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Russia Rattled as Allied Forces Prepare for Major ‘Cold War Era’ Military Exercises

A U.S. Air Force B-52 Stratofortress leads a formation of aircraft including Polish, German, Swedish forces over the Baltic Sea, June 9, 2016. NATO allies conduct a series of realistic training missions on Russia’s borders. (U.S. Air Force photo)

  • Russia Rattled as Allied Forces Prepare for Major ‘Cold War Era’ Military Exercises
    MORE than 25,000 military personnel from 24 countries are taking part in a major US-led exercise in Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania next month.

    Several US B-1B heavy bombers have already flown into Britain in support of two separate multinational exercises planned in the Baltic region and other parts of Europe this month to improve coordination among allies.

    The plans were announced by Germany-based US European Command, which said this year’s Sabre Guardian exercise – held annually in the Black Sea region since 2013 – was “larger in both scale and scope” than previous exercises. The plans are sure to ramp up tensions that are already running high between Moscow and Washington.

    Russia scrambled a fighter jet to intercept a nuclear-capable US B-52 strategic bomber it accused of flying over the Baltic Sea near its border, in an incident that had echoes of the Cold War. Washington said the long-range bomber was operating in international airspace.

    European Command said Sabre Guardian would include an array of live fire exercises, river crossings and a mass casualty exercise and was aimed at drilling “the ability to mass forces at any given time anywhere in Europe”. A military spokesman said: ”It is deterrence in action.” 

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B1-B Bomber

Deployment for WW3. Click on image for article.


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