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Assad Military Alliance Threatens To Strike U.S. Forces In Syria

  • Assad Military Alliance Threatens To Strike U.S. Forces In Syria
    by Tyler Durden,
    One day after American warplanes bombed an Iranian-backed militia that allegedly entered a supposed no-go zone near a U.S garrison in southern Syria on Tuesday – its second such strike in three weeks – a military alliance fighting in support of President Bashar al-Assad said it could hit U.S. positions in Syria, warning that its “self-restraint” over U.S. air strikes on government forces would end if Washington crossed “red lines”, according to Reuters.

    The statement from the pro-Assad alliance was issued in the name of the “commander of the operations room of the forces allied to Syria”, and was circulated by a military news unit run by Hezbollah, one of Assad’s military allies in Lebanon.

    “America knows well that the blood of the sons of Syria, the Syrian Arab Army, and its allies is not cheap, and the capacity to strike their positions in Syria, and their surroundings, is available when circumstances will it,” the statement said, adding that such attacks could be carried out with “different missile and military systems, in the light of the deployment of American forces in the region”.

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Thomas Friedman(Jew) pushing for support of ISIS and more conflict. ISIS is of course a creation of the CIA. Assad did not attack America nor threatened American interests. So, why is Friedman pushing for war against Assad. Click on image for article.


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