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Merkel: Germany Can Not Rely on US, UK Anymore

  • Published on May 28, 2017
    The German chancellor has expressed disappointment over the result of the recent meetings between G-7 nations and NATO, saying Germany can not rely on the US and the UK anymore. Angela Merkel made the remarks at an event hosted by Christian Social Union party in Bavaria’s Munich. Merkel’s comments come following the summit of G-7 countries held in Italy’s Sicily. The German leader harshly criticized the US president for keeping the G-7 in the dark about his country’s stance on climate change, denouncing Donald Trump’s delay in making the final decision on the Paris accord.
  • The message is pretty clear. The EU Superstate: 10 Horn Beast Empire, the United States of Europe is about to be formally announced. It is already being implemented. They will attempt to break free of the Anglo-American centric global hegemony.


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