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Iran Has Been in Crosshairs for a Very Long Time. Neocons Are Still Writing The Script

Pentagon: “Those damned Iranians! Let’s nuke them before they pee on us!”

  • Iran Has Been in Crosshairs for a Very Long Time. Neocons Are Still Writing The Script
    by Liberty Report Staff,
    Iran has been in neocon crosshairs for a very long time. U.S. Presidential Administrations come and go, Democrat and Republican, but the neocon script has remained the same.

    President Trump, voted in as an “outsider,” has adopted the insider script. Today’s speech in Saudi Arabia was crafted by Trump’s neocon Senior Policy Advisor Stephen Miller.
    Miller’s “long-time mentor” is David Horowitz.

    Here are Horowitz’s thoughts on Bush’s invasion of Iraq:

    “Baghdad is liberated,” he wrote for his FrontPage Magazine in April 2003. “In the days to come let us not forget that if it were not for one man, and one man alone—George Bush—the people of Iraq would not be celebrating in the streets and pulling down Saddam’s statues today. … We have entered the era of a new civil war between the forces of freedom and the powers of Islamo-fascist and communist darkness, and once again the left is clearly determined to take its stand on the other side. The good news is that America is back. Our military has performed superlatively. Our leadership has stood tall. We ourselves can celebrate over this and look confidently toward what lies ahead.”

    Long story short…Trump may be a different face, but the neocon goal has remained the same. ​Here’s the relevant part of today’s speech about Iran that neocon Stephen Miller wrote for Trump:

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Who is the aggressor?


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