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‘Macron will DESTROY the EU’ Top Expert Says Federalist Drive will Push Bloc Over the Edge

  • ‘Macron will DESTROY the EU’ Top Expert Says Federalist Drive will Push Bloc Over the Edge
    EMMANUEL Macron’s victory in the French election will one day be seen as the final nail in the EU’s coffin with his openly federalist agenda set to guide the bloc to destruction, a leading academic has predicted.

    Amitai Etzioni, one of America’s leading thinkers, said the new president’s desire to centralise ever more power in Brussels will cause a revolt amongst European citizens. The German-born professor dismissed the notion of a ‘European identity’ as a myth and said the continent is really populated by patriotic people who are fiercely loyal to their own countries.

    As a result, he predicted hundreds of millions of voters will refuse to accept the pooling of further power in the hands of eurocrats as proposed by Mr Macron and German leader Angela Merkel. 

    Professor Etzioni, widely regarded as the founder of the communitarian branch of sociology, said the bloc will fail because “millions are willing to die for their country, but no one is willing to die of the EU”.

    His remarks come as EU defence ministers meet today to thrash out the next step towards a European army, with eurocrats expecting deeply eurosceptic France to take the lead.

    Mr Macron has put forward ambitious plans to deepen integration of the core eurozone countries including setting up an EU finance ministry to administer a common budget for the continent. 

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We are about to witness the rise of the 10 Horn Beast, Revived Roman endtimes empire. Click on image for article.

Will we see the super merger of 3 nations: Gernmany, France and Italy after the formation of the 10 nations United States of Europe? This will be the fulfillment of Daniel 7:20. Click on image for article.


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