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‘Alien Megastructures’ Orbiting 64 Nearby Stars May Be VISIBLE from Earth, Astronomer Says

  • No end to the ‘Alien’ meme, psyop.
  • ‘Alien Megastructures’ Orbiting 64 Nearby Stars May Be VISIBLE from Earth, Astronomer Says
    ALIEN megastructures orbiting 64 nearby stars could be visible from Earth with today’s technology, a leading physicist has claimed.

    Two years ago astronomers discovered a star, known as KIC 8462852 or Tabby’s Star, which mysteriously brightened and dimmed. The phenomenon baffled experts and several theories emerged including one that suggested the “blinking” may have be cause by a rotating alien megastructure, known as a Dyson Sphere, which intermittently blocked the star’s light.

    Professor Zaza Osmanov, from the Free University of Tbilisi, Georgia, has backed the theory and has now claimed that the alien megastructure could easily be seen with current technology – including the European Southern Observatory’s Very large Telescope Interferometer (VLTI).

    Mr Osmanov also alleged that these megastructures could be orbiting up to 64 nearby stars. In an earlier paper, Mr Osmanov suggested that alien megastructures were most likely made up of multiple thin discs rather than “spherical shells”.

    In his latest report, the Professor calculated that these structures would fall within Tabby’s Star’s “habitable zone” – which is the orbital region around a sun where a planet can possess life-giving water.

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