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‘Spring Storm’: 6 NATO Ships Arrive in Tallinn Port, Estonia for Drills

  • The west will ignite their Satanic WW3 when Russia and China publicly abandon the US dollar. Ie. the end of the Anglo-American, western Illuminati’s global hegemony.
  • Published on May 12, 2017
    Six NATO military vessels arrived at the port of Tallinn on Friday in order to participate in drills and to refresh resources. The group consists of Estonian Lindau-class minehunter EML Wambola (M311), Norwegian minesweeper Hinnoey, British minehunter Ramsey, Belgian minehunter Primula, Norwegian frigate Roald Amundsen and Dutch frigate Evertsen. Some 9,000 Estonian and NATO soldiers are taking part in the ‘Spring Storm’ drills, which kicked off on Monday. Among them there are 800 British, 400 German and 300 French troops.

Source: Daily Mail, October 26,2016


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  1. Nothing will happen, its all media speculation…… Fear controls the masses.

    Comment by iliminatis | May 13, 2017 | Reply

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