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Senate Hearing Summary: Everything You Thought You Knew About Russia/Comey (Through the Fake Mainstream Media) Just Got Destroyed

  • Senate Hearing Summary: Everything You Thought You Knew About Russia/Comey Just Got Destroyed
    by Tyler Durden,
    Pretty much no one emerged a ‘winner’ from today’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing other than perhaps Andrew McCabe. From the mainstream media to Trump to Congressional Democrats, pretty much all of the narratives surrounding the FBI’s Russia investigation and Comey’s sudden dismissal were succinctly obliterated by McCabe’s testimony.

    First, the mainstream media and Democrat narratives which suggest that Trump’s firing of Comey was nothing more than an intentional obstruction of an ongoing FBI investigation was laid to bed pretty early when McCabe said “There has been no effort to impede our investigation to date.”

    Rubio:  “Has the dismissal of Mr. Comey in any way impeded, interrupted, stopped, or negatively impacted any of the work, any of the investigations or any ongoing projects at the Federal Bureau of Investigation?”

    McCabe:  “There has been no effort to impede our investigation to date.”

    Meanwhile, McCabe also succinctly destroyed Democrats’ demands for the appointment of an “independent investigator.”

    Senator Lankford:
      “Is it your impression at this point that the FBI is unable to complete the investigation in a fair and expeditious way because of the removal of Jim Comey?”

      “It is my opinion and belief that the FBI will continue to pursue this investigation vigorously and completely.”

    Senator Lankford:
      “Do you need someone to take this away from you and somebody else to do it?”

      “No, sir.”

    Going one step further, McCabe also destroyed another New York Times narrative that emerged yesterday (which we covered here) which implied that Comey was fired as a direct result of his request for a “significant increase” in funding for his ‘Russia probe’.

    :  “Can you confirm that that request [funding request for Russia probe] was, in fact, made?”

    “I can not confirm that request was made. As you know, when we need resources, we make those requests here.  So, I’m not aware of that request and it’s not consistent with my understanding of how we request additional resources.

    That said, we don’t typically request resources for an individual case.  And, as I mentioned, I strongly believe that the Russia investigation is adequately resourced.”

    read more.


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