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Russian Military Planes Fly by Alaska for a FOURTH Night in a Row

TU-95 Bear Russian Strategic Bomber

  • Russian Military Planes Fly by Alaska for a FOURTH Night in a Row
    * Russia has been sending military aircraft close to Alaska every night this week since Monday
    * The planes have stayed in international air space every time
    * But the move is concerning since Russian planes have not flown this close to Alaska since 2015
    * On Monday, two TU-95 bombers were intercepted by American F-22 fighter jets about 100 miles off Kodiak Island
    * Two of the same kind of bombers flew within 36 miles of the Alaskan coastline, north of the Aleutian Islands, Tuesday night
    * The U.S. military did not scramble fighter jets Tuesday or Wednesday night, when  a pair of spy plains flew near the Aleutian Islands
    * On Thursday night, the Russians sent their nuclear-capable bombers out again
    * American and Canadian fighter jets were dispatched to intercept the bombers about 700 miles southwest of Anchorage

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