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Kim Jong-Un Vows to Wipe the US ‘OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH’ in Chilling WW3 Threat

  • Kim Jong-Un Vows to Wipe the US ‘OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH’ in Chilling WW3 Threat
    NORTH Korea has vowed to wipe the US “off the face of the Earth’ after claiming Donald Trump has moved chemical weapons to the North Korean border as part of his “wild ambition to dominate the world”.

    The government spokesman claimed Trump had moved the military equipment into South Korea “in a bid to press ahead with the Jupiter Plan, a scenario for a biochemical war against the north”. The declaration, spread through the secretive dictatorship’s official propaganda news outlet Rodong Sinmun, further stokes the flames of war as tensions surge in the region. He added: “The US has fully revealed its criminal scenario to make no scruple of using biochemical weapons to exterminate the Korean nation in order to realise its wild ambition for dominating the world.

    “Recently, the US is busy floating the wild rumour about ‘threat from biochemical weapons’ of the DPRK. “Lurking behind this is its sinister design to secure a pretext for provoking a biochemical war against the DPRK.” Kim Jong-un’s domain is currently surrounded by some of the world’s strongest armies, with China, Russia and the US scrambling troops to the region.

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