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India Outlawing Cash Altogether in 75 Cities

  • India Outlawing Cash Altogether in 75 Cities
    by Martin Armstrong,
    The Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on Friday the 14th, that 75 cities will be designated cashless/less-cash townships, with an overwhelming 56 of them being in Gujarat. Modi is determined to bring India into the 21st century. He is being cheered behind the curtain and every government is keenly watching the results. The townships were actually selected on the basis of a recommendation by none other than Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) furthering the G20 agenda to stamp out tax evasion worldwide.

    We should be paying close attention to this effort for it is really a global effort to desperately try to support socialism in a world facing a complete collapse in the global monetary system that is on the horizon. Government keep borrowing with never any intention of paying anything off. It’s just one Ponzi Scheme until nobody buys the debt anymore and it just stops.

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Click on image for article.


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