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Marine Le Pen: The Potential Brexit Times 100

Marine Le Pen, a ferocious Eurosceptic, is surging in the polls. Marine Le Pen described the EU as a “nightmare”.

  • Marine Le Pen: The Potential Brexit Times 100
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    You want drama. ..and TRUTH?  Well, let’s start with this amazing, must see, three-minute 2009 clip from Ron Paul; or, as I deemed him five years ago, “America’s greatest man.”  Given what I discussed in Friday’s “did America just start World War III”; and yesterday’s “beating of the drums”; it couldn’t be more appropriate – as in it, he asks “what if” America’s foreign policy is misguided; and “what if” it continues down the horrifying road it appears dead set on taking.

    At this point, I have little interest in political correctness – as any slim, misguided hope I had of Donald Trump “draining the swamp” is gone.  In other words, my “stance” of neutrality – this, after I spent more energy helping to get him elected than 99% of the population – is dead.  I don’t for a second begrudge his failed attempt to “repeal and replace” Obamacare; nor his inability to even propose a tax reform bill – like the “phenomenal” one he promised last month, which as of yesterday, was declared dead.  For that matter, I’ll take no issue when his promised fiscal stimulus plan – which wouldn’t help the economy one iota, I might add – fails, too; particularly as the ugliest, most destructive debt ceiling crisis in U.S. history is mere weeks away.

    Just two days after he was elected, I predicted this as vehemently as possible, in my must listen “turning on Trump” Audioblog.  To wit, everything he campaigned on was pure rhetoric; designed – like any politician – simply to win the election.  Similarly, everything he promised was politically and/or economically unviable, particularly given the mortal enemies that he, as the “ultimate outsider,” started out with – from the lunatic “snowflake liberals” to the oxymoronically named, equally nation-destroying “Republicans.”

    That said, if he had been modestly diplomatic, perhaps the will of the people would overcome that of the deep state, if for a brief, fleeting moment.  However, asking Donald Trump to be diplomatic is like asking a lion to pass on a wildebeest; and frankly, the only times I’ve seen “diplomacy” are when he’s needed votes or political favor – like during the last weeks of the election campaign; at his “state of the union” speech; and, LOL, when he bombed Syria – which of course, won plaudits from the “wolves in wolves clothing” known as Congress and the mainstream media.  Including, I kid you not, the “fake news” kings of the world, and number one Trump haters, CNN.

    Yes, France, one of the oldest, most storied, and proud nations on Earth – inhabited by people famous for revolution, and standing up to tyranny. Today, France is a shell of its former greatness – having been destroyed by money printing, debt, immigration, and feckless “leaders” like current President François Hollande – whose approval rating is so low, he isn’t even running for re-election. Not to mention, Hollande’s 39-year old, snot-nosed, silver spoon “Minister of the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs,” Emmanuel Macron – who the same propagandists and poll- and betting-line-riggers that said the BrExit and Trump would fail – are purporting to be the Presidential “front runner.” This, after the previous “front runner,” former Prime Minister François Fillon was charged with embezzlement of Parliamentary funds, funneled to his then girlfriend, and now wife. That said, Le Pen’s “odds” are far higher than either Trump’s or the BrExit’s ever were – and after she marches through the first round of voting on April 23rd, you can bet said “odds” will be higher still, particularly if fellow upstart; and yes, COMMUNIST, Jean-Luc Melenchon manages to surge past Macron, yielding a direct confrontation with Le Pen – which he could not possibly win. This is a low probability scenario, mind you, but in the land of the French Revolution, don’t be surprised if it happens.

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