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Jim Willie on The Strength in Silver and China’s Bitch (JP Morgan)

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  • Jim Willie on The Strength in Silver and China’s Bitch (JP Morgan)
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    04/07/2017 Friday – Jim Willie on The Strength in Silver and China’s Bitch (JP Morgan). is where you can find Jim Willie who doesn’t give a damn about plastic Dollars, but does explain how a gold-backed currency basket of nations might leave the US the odd man out. Summary (Get Your Hat Trick Newsletter Today) topics covered include:

    – Syrian War with US-led hidden ISIS involvement in grand confusion
    – falsified ISIS videos continue with guerrillas posing as rescue workers over fake victims
    – risk to paper assets with favor to Gold & Silver investments
    – the grand suppression of the Gold market since the Lehman event during the QE hyper monetary inflation episode
    – the 5-fold rise in money supply since Lehman event as justification for 5-fold sudden rise in Gold price
    – the stupid argument (propaganda) of not sufficient amount of Gold bullion to cover currencies as pure Keynesian rubbish
    – the USFed rate hikes with ulterior motives but with risk to undermine the USDollar credibility
    – the fear rises on the puffed up bloated bubbly USDollar currency market
    – the sequence likely to occur on Gold RESET with trade payment, then bank reserves, then gold backed currencies
    – the profound challenges for remedy to the gargantuan imbalances in the financial world
    – the imbalances which should not continue since so difficult to remedy (straw dog heresy)
    – the emerging dual universe of a USD-based West versus an RMB & Gold-based East


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