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White House Source: Trump Pushes Back Against Neo-Con Plan to Invade Syria. Troops Massing as Deep State Plots Regime Change

  • Don’t get your hopes high with Trump. The POTUS is at most a sergeant in the real hierarchy. He does not have as much power as people think. The POTUS is really just a mouth piece, a PR salesman to promote Illuminist policies.
  • This is the first time I hear of a deal between Assad and US: Assad will step down once the terrorists are defeated. I am unable to confirm this.
  • My observation of Trump is: when push comes to shove – Self Preservation will be his policy. Ie. when he is being threatened with: a ‘piano dropping on his head’, destruction of his wealth, family …. he will adopt Self Preservation and abandon all else, especially when he knows he is unable to fight back, to stop the Illuminist WW3 agenda. So lower your expectations. Whether he is a ‘Good Guy’ or ‘Bad Guy’ – IMO, is not so relevant in the grand scheme of things. The WW3 agenda is being executed whatever your views of Trump.
  • P.S. the Illuminist adopts a carrot and stick approach. I have highlighted the ‘stick’ approach above. The carrot goes something like this, if Trump acquiesce: instead of being bankrupt, his business destroyed, he will grow his wealth 10X, he and his family will be protected. What do you think his decision will be?

  • White House Source: Trump Pushes Back Against Neo-Con Plan to Invade Syria
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    Troops massing as deep state plots regime change
    The Trump administration is currently locked in a heated debate over whether to launch a full ground invasion of Syria, with hundreds of thousands of soldiers now massing.

    According to White House sources who spoke to Infowars, Trump is reticent to see U.S. troops embroiled in yet another Middle East quagmire, but is under pressure from top neo-cons in his administration to prevent Russia from dominating the region as the fall of ISIS nears.

    Trump has refused to agree to a no fly zone over Syria and does not want to directly attack Assad’s forces in Damascus. However, Assad is apparently backing away from a deal he made with the Pentagon four years ago to step down from power in order to prevent a U.S. military bombardment that Obama pushed for back in 2013.

    The air strike ordered by Trump was apparently a reminder to Assad of the deal he struck to step down once jihadists had been defeated.

    Troop numbers are now being massively escalated in western Iraq to reinforce this message, including the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit, to back up and cover the flank for U.S. Army ground forces in case of possible attack by Assad.

    Trump’s response to the alleged chemical weapons attack allowed him to look decisive and was a show of strength towards China and North Korea. It also served to temporarily silence the repeated accusations that he is in collusion with Russia.

    Trump’s aim with the air strike was to destroy Syria’s remaining chemical weapons to make Assad follow through on the deal. If he didn’t act, Trump would have been eviscerated by his critics as being equally as weak as Obama.

    However, increasingly prominent neo-cons within the administration, led by National Security Adviser H. R. McMaster, are exploiting the circumstances to maneuver Trump into a position where he is pressured into green lighting a full scale ground war, an attack on Damascus and a confrontation with Russia.

    If Trump allows himself to be manipulated in this way, it will undoubtedly destroy his presidency and leave him with a legacy on a par with George W. Bush.

    As Mike Cernovich’s sources confirm, “McMaster is manipulating intelligence reports given to President Donald Trump” and is “plotting how to sell a massive ground war in Syria to President Trump with the help of disgraced former CIA director and convicted criminal David Petraeus.”

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