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Neocons Win! Mainstream Media Criticism Of Trump Comes To Screeching Halt With Missile Attack On Syria

  • Neocons Win! Mainstream Media Criticism Of Trump Comes To Screeching Halt With Missile Attack On Syria
    by Bernie Suarez,
    This just in. According to mainstream media president Trump, even if for a day, is no longer Hitler. He is no longer a threat to the world now that the Trump administration has been officially compromised by the Neocon war hawks who have been (along with their partners on the Liberal Left) trying to undermine Trump since day one. It is important for people to see that the recently reported missile attack on a Syrianairbase is entirely contrary to the recent commitment by the US to not call for Assad’s stepping down. If you are a Trump supporter or someone trying to make sense of all this you may be thinking, huh? What’s going on? And, false flag alert!

    All of this is completely normal nowadays, however, with the ongoing JFK-style internal struggle for the undermining of the Trump administration; a struggle that marks an administration which is becoming known for all of its 180-degree turns. One day Trump announces his desire to break away from NATO, another day VP Pence tells the EU of the US commitment to NATO. One day Trump says he wants to be friends with Russia, then the mainstream media and the Neocons attacks him for this so he later mysteriously changes his position. One minute threatening rhetoric comes out saying “Iran is on notice” only to see nothing happen over the coming months.

    And now just days after Syrian president Bashar al Assad is officially declared a non-threat, all of a sudden we see a chemical weapons (false flag?) attack accusation blamed on Assad which apparently justifies a new attitude toward Assad and a missile being fired into a Syrian position. Notice that as opposed to the old Iraq “weapons of mass destruction” accusation, there apparently was no need to investigate the nature of this “attack.” Now it is apparently sufficient and justified to go straight for the counterattack missile strike without any need to prove to the world anything.

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