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Chemical Reaction: Trump in U-Turn, Bubbling with Syria Regime Change

  • Why did Trump and Tillerson make such a dramatic U-Turn over Syria? How did the Deep State, western Illuminati get to them? We will probably never know. It is safe to assume that the world is on course for WW3. Any hopes we have of Trump preventing WW3 is now extinguished.
  • Chemical Reaction: Trump in U-Turn, Bubbling with Syria Regime Change
    by Finian Cunningham,
    Last week, the Trump administration announced it was abandoning a failed US policy of regime change in Syria. This week, however, the White House suddenly back-flipped, saying Syrian leader Bashar al Assad “must go”.

    The dramatic U-turn in US policy was, of course, in reaction to the reported chemical weapons incident in Syria’s Idlib province on Tuesday morning in which over 80 people were allegedly killed. Among the dead apparently were some 30 children.

    Such a vigorous contradictory response from the Trump administration is strongly suggestive that the incident was an orchestrated political stunt; carried out for the purpose of achieving that very outcome by the Syrian militants and their foreign sponsors. It wouldn’t be the first time such a false flag device has been attempted to influence US policy in Syria.

    Within minutes of the alleged attack in Khan Sheikdoun, in Syria’s northern Idlib province, Western governments and media were rushing to blame the Syrian air force for dropping chemical weapons on the town. Such claims were based entirely on images and information released by the discredited so-called rescue group, the White Helmets, who are reportedly affiliated with the Nusra terror organization. There was no attempt at verification by Western outlets, just straight-to-screen broadcast.

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