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BETRAYAL! Is this Why Trump just Bombed Syria?

  • BETRAYAL! Is this Why Trump just Bombed Syria?
    So, Apparently We’re Bombing Syria Now
    Hey brothers, this is quickly spiraling into a dangerous direction. Out of literally nowhere, Trump just launched an attack on Assad’s forces in Syria.  Russian troops were wounded in the attack. It doesn’t look good.  Specifically we cover:

    -How quickly the Deep State and traitors within the White House have turned him toward war…
    -How the power struggle around the President is intensifying, and the wrong side may be winning…

    Why I believe the news about Bannon and Kushner are directly related to what just transpired in Syria…

    -Why the neocons had to strike fast…
    -Why Trump’s bombing was foolish, and why wicked forces will gain from it…
    -Why Trump just likely handed the Left the next several elections, and why his domestic agenda is now in jeopardy…
    -How Trump can still avoid disaster if he doesn’t escalate any further…
    -Why we must speak truth to power right now…


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  1. False Flag as usual.Same trick Iraq 2013.Saran Gas was supplied to Iraq by USA.

    Phony news and props.Same act with different actors.The same,but not the same.

    Revealing aspect.When your cover is blown your try anything as what difference does it make.

    Blackmail may be in play as dominant actor.Don’t forget also extreme arm lock causing one to say anything for relief.

    Bannon drop puts globalist in charge even if nationalist faction still exist as shadow.Of course this was always the end game with the fixed deck.

    Public Private Parnership-Joan Veon is also in play which is NWO as Agenda 21-30 is.Deregulation can go as far as the Industrial Revolution.United Nation is center of NWO in action.

    The Fed and IRS are illegal-Freedom To Fascism-Aaron Russo.

    Act of 1871 Made null and Void Organic American Constitution.

    District Of Columbia owned by Queen Of England.

    America colony of England-References You Tube,Internet,etc.

    U.S A Is A Corporation—Research Internet.

    40 billionaires control the USA .CFR-Trilateral Commission rule with the Military Congressional Industrial Complex and the 18 Intelligence Agencies,etc.Behind this are the bloodlines.Fascist Corporate.

    Corporate State-Fascism.

    The three cities sovereign are Inter City Of London,Vatican,Washington DC.

    Intelligence,Finance Military-Vatican-Rothschild-US Military-Knights of Malta

    Number one Intelligence Agency-Vatican

    BIS-Swiss Guard,Knights,Octagon-Controller of Central Banks-Swiss major Arms Dealer.Who rules the world?

    World run by Secret Societies-Dominant Masons international-Alpert Pike,etc.

    All three branches of American government controlled by lobbies which answer to the Fascist Corporate and Bloodlines,etc..

    Rockefeller-NWO-David Rockefeller,Aaron Russo interview-You Tube.
    Chip them all.Terrorist created to instill fear.

    G Edward Griffin interview Norman Dodd-New World Agenda 51 Min.-You Tube,etc.International Bankers, Lawyers and Charitable Foundations.Reese Committee.The will rule the world.

    The Communist Fascist Collective will be controlled by above group.

    Trump has been Trumped unless extreme action take place.Blackmail,brainwashing,survival as motive for change.

    Bed partners with the enemy.of America.The enemy is within and the enemies are exposed,so desperate play as last resort.

    The survival of the world and its people are at stake.

    If the people must parish then that must include the creators of this chaos.

    Better the earth did not exist than man becoming a slave and then a robot.

    Please verify all information as it may be incorrect.Only facts and evidence proven true with research and documented facts can real truth be known.Hearsay and spin,and I think but can’t prove it don’t apply.The logical is not illogical.

    Walter Haas—God Bless America

    Comment by Walter Haas | April 8, 2017

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