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Rand Paul Destroys Morning Joe Panel, Says Susan Rice Needs to Testify Under Oath for Trump Unmasking

  • Susan Rice is part of the Illuminist Committee of 300?
  • Rand Paul Destroys Morning Joe Panel, Says Susan Rice Needs to Testify Under Oath for Trump Unmasking
    by The Real Fly,
    Amidst a cacophony of smug laughter and abject ridicule on the ultra-left leaning Morning Joe panel, Senator Rand Paul managed to weave his way into the discussion and utterly destroy their narrative.

    Paul’s claim was the collection of data, ‘backdoor searches’, encroaches on the civil liberties of all Americans and that ‘secret warrants’ by ‘secret courts’ should be eschewed and replaced by standard old fashioned search warrants.

    When Paul asserted the White House had used the collection of surveillance for political purposes and that Rice should be subpoenaed and questioned under oath, the panel led by Mika Brzezinski and Bill Press, jeered him.

    “They were not spying on these Americans”, said Press. His argument was that foreign agents were being spied on and that Trump and his team just happened to come up in ‘incidental’ intelligence gathering.

    Paul then ripped his spine out when he said “I think it’s a mistake to downgrade this and say oh it was just incidental and not a big deal. It’s a HUGE deal that we are collecting millions of Americans phone calls and that someone can go to a keyboard and search for it without a warrant. This is an illegal warrantless search.”

    In response to Mika’s opposition, Rand shuts down the conversation, saying “I believe Susan Rice abused this system, and she did it for political purposes, and needs to be brought in and questioned under oath.”

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