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Many “Cancer Deaths” are Actually Caused by Conventional Treatments, Not Cancer

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  • Many “Cancer Deaths” are Actually Caused by Conventional Treatments, Not Cancer
    by Paul Fassa,
    (The Best Years in Life) Very few dare to write or say that chemo and radiation cause more harm than good and often results in the death of cancer patients. The media eulogizes with how heroic the victim was with his or her cancer. The cancer industry cites how the death was cancer related to ignore the plausible explanation of toxic treatments that were too much to bear.

    Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, MD, a holistic cancer healer out of NYC told a humorous anecdote that reflects this cancer industry madness. While he was interning at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute in New York during the 1970s, there was a hall adorned with several plaques honoring those who donated large financial sums.

    The donors were close relatives of those who had died while undergoing treatments. He and his fellow interns called it the hall of the “Grateful Dead”. As the cancer death toll rises, often from the treatments, it serves to put fear into so many who are afraid to go with alternative approaches that are less expensive and toxic.

    Those are approaches that cure the person instead of “scorched earth” treatments that purport to “kill” the disease. The essential chemotherapy approach was derived from WW I mustard gas chemicals. It just kills whatever is in it’s path with the hope that it might spare the patient!

    What’s leaked out of the medical establishment hasn’t surfaced much yet. But some within the system are admitting they aren’t really curing many cancer cases, but they’re making them worse. Even the tumors metastasize by “spreading” theory has been challenged.

    This is because apparently cancers have their own stem cells that are often resistant to conventional drugs and create tumors again, with a vengeance, after an apparent tumor shrinkage that tags a conventional treatment as successful.

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