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Global Gold / Silver Class Action Suit Urges PM Investors to Join

  • Global Gold / Silver Class Action Suit Urges PM Investors to Join
    Fed up waiting for a silver lining? The manipulators want you to be as good as gold.  Get angry and make things right in the English Courts!

    Your participation and a global response could change the future of precious metals pricing and bring about true price discovery!  Stand up, be counted and join our manipulation class- action now!

    to anyone WHETHER AN INDIVIDUAL INVESTOR OR INVESTMENT ORGANISATION,  WORLDWIDE  who has invested in either gold/silver related investment instruments which include, without limitation: the following products:

    Submitted by Iain Watt:
    This article is written from personal experience. I’m sure it will resonate with many of you.

    In 2008, I like many others, watched the global financial crisis unfold. I watched in astonishment as the world’s financial system, a system that we had been led to believe was in excellent shape, crumble.

    I watched the desperate act of politicians as they sought to assure those with money in banks that they had nothing to worry about and I watched those same politicians scramble to bail out financial institutions that should have been allowed to fail – with billions of tax payers money. I’ve watched those same financial institutions develop relations with politicians and donate handsomely to them.

    I watched as we entered a new world order, where the worlds Central Bankers became the trusted “experts” in resolving the mess we were in. Very strange, since not one of those “experts” had the expertise to see it coming!

    I watched their Central Bank solution to the problem, the greatest monitory experiment in history – global Quantitative Easing. I watched as countries failed and were “bailed out”….even those with no realistic chance EVER of loan repayment. Extend and pretend goes on, even today.

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